How long will my order take to arrive?

New Zealand orders are mostly recieved in 1-3 working days (up to 5 if you're unlucky, but that is unlikely). 

Orders to Australia should be recieved in 7-10 working days.

Orders everywhere else will take 10-14 working days, most are recieved in about 10.


Are other shipping options available? 

Yes. If you want shipping with track and trace or faster shipping please contact me through Facebook or e-mail contact@allegoryapparel.com before you order.

Unfortunately there's only one cheaper option for orders outside Australasia, it's only a dollar less but takes 14-23 working days.


Will I fit the "one-size-fits-all" category with the hosiery?

The recommended height is between 160 cm to 185 cm (or approx. 5'2" to 6'1") and the length of the tights are approx 106-108cm. Unfortunately I'm unsure on the recommended weight so I can't help you there but they are very stretchy. If you are unsure and want further advice feel free to message me through Facebook or through contact@allegoryapparel.com


I already have tattoos on my legs, what will they look like with tattoo tights? Are you making any non-transparent tights?

So far two people with tattoos have uploaded photos of them wearing Allegory Apparel hosiery, you can view them here:

Dijana in Barchusen's Journey I:http://on.fb.me/115PyUk

Tumblr user ossacoxae in Whore of Babylon: http://on.fb.me/160gLAY



Are you looking for models/photographers? Can I model for you?

Message me your portfolio - I am mainly interested in New Zealand based models and photographers so that I can be there with my input but may make exceptions.


I'm interested in selling you're product, is this possible?

Yes, get in touch through e-mail: contact@allegoryapparel.com


Will you be making other things besides hosiery? Will you ever make male/unisex apparel?

Yes! Watch this space. There's lots of photos of our prototypes on our Instagram (@allegoryapparel)


 When did Allegory Apparel begin?

I first came up with the idea at the end of 2012. I opened up the web store and Facebook page at the start of 2013. After completing a design diploma a year ago I found pursuing design through tertiary education uninspiring so I started a degree in a different field and continued design in my spare time and hence started Allegory Apparel.




Always happy to hear any questions, feedback or other thoughts you may have.


-Caza Steele,

Allegory Apparel.